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Law Office

CAMACHO & MAGERAND law firm is built on the will of its founding partners to create an independent law firm that offers its clients a high-quality, efficient, and responsive legal service.

Founding partners have worked for many years in leading law firms and are well-known players in their fields of expertise.

We regularly take on high-stakes cases in advising and litigation for insurance companies and professionals, both in France and abroad.

CAMACHO & MAGERAND assists insurance companies and insurance professionals, from the prevention stage to claims management for Insurance Law, Industrial Risks, Responsibility for defective goods, Construction Law, Mining law, Credit Law, Professional Third Party Liability, Civil Liability, and compensation for bodily injury.

Our firm advises its clients in analyzing and drafting insurance policies, and conducts audits of corporate insurance coverage.

We assist and represent our clients both in state jurisdictions and arbitral tribunals, as the plaintiff or the defense.

Our firm disposes of a network of local correspondents throughout the country as well as partner law firms abroad, all carefully selected after repeated collaboration on shared cases.

We also cooperate with and are able to consult a law Professor specializing in Private Law.

CAMACHO & MAGERAND Law Firm systematically favors a customized and competitive approach to its cases, taking into account the specific needs of its customers.